Dabbling in Street Photography

I have tried to make street photography part of my commercial work and website, but the two just doesn’t gel. So I’m going to try it here – and if it doesn’t work, I’ll just start (yet again) a new blog or Instagram account for it.

In the mean time…

Street photography is a genre that has always fascinated me. It was also the first form of photography that I practiced passionately as an adult and have dearly missed. Now, when I need inspiration or it feels like I’m at a dead end as an artist, it is the form that I return to.

As it is the end of the year, and drained doesn’t quite describe where I’m at, I have decided to dig into this genre again. So weekends will be all about street photography. Hope you enjoy my re-discovery and road into the depths of street photography. It is also the one genre that I have never felt comfortably with sharing and have no platform for, but here I am, testing the ground as I tread on unknown waters.

(Please note: These are not new photos taken recently – this is my way of re-discovering what I love and when I have enough courage, to head out into the streets with a new perspective and new view).


Golden Hour at Epupa Falls

It is not only gold… it is spectacularly gold. With every inch that the sun moved skywards, the scenery in front of me just lit up… and melt my heart.

A selection of photos that I’ll simply call; Golden Falls




The Himba | In Black and White

I have shared some of these photos below, but here is a more complete collection.

The Himba has been photographed without end. Mostly the women. I have tried to show them from a bit of a different perspective. The children are always around, so why not capture them. Since the area has had some rain, the cattle has returned, so I added them. And since we are in a village in Africa – there will always be a dog present.