The Himba | In Black and White

I have shared some of these photos below, but here is a more complete collection.

The Himba has been photographed without end. Mostly the women. I have tried to show them from a bit of a different perspective. The children are always around, so why not capture them. Since the area has had some rain, the cattle has returned, so I added them. And since we are in a village in Africa – there will always be a dog present.

Both landscape and wildlife photographers need to have this one character trait to be successful in what they do.


I didn’t know there was a queue for patience when it was handed out. I missed it completely.

So the other morning when I was out and about waiting for the sun to rise to take photos in the golden light, I just could not get myself around to sit patiently and wait. Instead I took my second camera and started searching for baobab trees…

In the next few days I’ll be sharing some of these “impatient” photos. . .

These baobabs have been photographed as often as the falls itself. From a certain angle, it looks like there is only 3 baobabs on this cliff, but from here I’m fairly certain I can count at least 6. (What I would give to photograph them from the Angolan side!)

This is a single shot taken just before the break of dawn. It was the first time I played with the shutter speed to get a different effect on the water. To be honest… I think it worked out pretty well.

Let’s call this one; ” The Six Kings” because they certainly have one amazing view from where they are standing.


I specifically chose to go up to Epupa now that the Cunene river has so much water. Besides the falls that were absolutely stunning, the green of the surrounding area were breathtakingly beautiful.

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