Two Beards and a Saint | Coffee

One of the best parts of travelling is trying out new food, new restaurants. Travelling with a child has forced us to look for alternatives and what an amazing alternative we discovered at Two Beards and a Coffee Shop in Swakopmund.

We did not get to meet the Two Beards as the gents were out on a business trip, but we were still treated to an amazing array of coffees and cake. Even our little Mr Handsome had a blast – both on their climbing frame and enjoying his very tasty looking milkshake.

Thankfully Two Beards sell coffee in bulk, and I made sure I had some to take home.

Looking forward to returning and definitely to meet the Two Beards and their Saint.



Namibia as a Wedding Destination | Part 1

I have been shooting both travel photography and weddings for a while now, and the more I think about it, the truer it rings – Namibia is a superb wedding destination.

When I started out considering the idea, I first Googled if anyone else has written about it, but could find nothing about it. So here goes…


Namibia as Wedding Destination

We all know that Namibia is incredibly beautiful in its diversity. But imagine being able to photograph you, as a bride, at your most feminine with your hunk of a husband, in this incredibly vast landscape? You will not only have memories for a lifetime, you will have photos that your high-society friends will drool over!

So what are the options?

mariette-du-toit_wedding-photographerSouthern Namibia: Dunes – Wolwedans

The dunes of Namibia is quite famous, but nowhere as beautiful as Wolwedans. Check out their website – you will want to start planning your wedding immediately. These guys are also professionals when it comes to catering for weddings. Just listen to this:

Imagine yourself standing on top of a dune next to your loved one. Your eyes are set on endless plains covered in a shimmer of silver grass. Blue mountains in the distance suggest a mystical feel. For this special moment this kingdom is yours. At Wolwedans you can realize what many couples dream of: A small and intimate wedding, set in one of the most visually spectacular places on earth. To speak the words ‘I do’ out into the colours of the wild, to truly experience a magical union with both your loved one and nature itself, is a unique and utterly romantic idea.

Anywhere in Namibia: A Safari Wedding –  Etosha National Park mariette-du-toit_wedding-photographer

Just imagine being able to go on a spectacular game drive for your couple shoot after the ceremony. Where could it be more beautiful, more wild, than in the Etosha National Park of Namibia? A number of lodges around Etosha is just perfect for safari weddings. Onguma Fort pops into my mind – who wouldn’t want their first night as MR and MRS’s in the Honeymoon suite at the Fort?! I mean, wow!


Caprivi: A Boat Wedding – Ichingo Chobe River Lodge

mariette-du-toit_wedding-photographerThis is wild. This is sooooo wild. But Ichingo offers you an experience that you will not forget in your lifetime. The lodge is quieter, more secluded and personal than any of the other lodges. And just listen to this:

Because of its unique geographic location, the game viewing and birdwatching in and around Ichingo Chobe River Lodge is second to none. Plus, you can get up close and personal with the wildlife as you glide towards them silently on the tender boats.

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is for the couple who wants to elope in everything that nature can offer them. This is for the adventurous, the true travel couple. Check out their website for more temptation.

These are but a few of the magnificent options in Namibia. I haven’t touched on all the options around Windhoek, that would be more suitable for bigger weddings. Or the Skeleton Coast, Damaraland or even Kaokoland. Let’s make it Namibia as a Wedding Destination Part 2, shall we?

So I have tickled your fancy? Fill in the below form and send me every question you can possibly come up with!




Namib Oasis | Food

I have recently decided to take photos of the food we eat when on holiday… and so, quite self-conscious, I have started taking photos of the dishes and also a bit of the restaurant where we eat.

I suppose, travel photography isn’t just about the places and the people. It’s about the food in a particular place as well?

If acting doesn’t work out, I plan to do food photography and just eat my way through the entire world. I’m a big foodie, and if I could make a career out of it, that would be fantastic.

-Jamie Chung

These were taken at Namib Oasis, Usakos – Namibia


Wildlife | Zebra

Plains (Burchell’s) Zebra – Equus buchelliii

Besides the unique African sunsets with a camel thorn somewhere in the distance, there are few other things as uniquely African as a herd of zebra running across the plains.

Naturally skittish, zebra will run without fail away from a waterhole after drinking. Their tendency to graze among wildebeest may or may not have something to do with lions preferring wildebeest as prey. Others reckon it is because the zebra prefer the longer grasses while wildebeest like following in their wake as they prefer the shorter shoots. Whatever the truth, wildebeest and zebra are very often found together.

When attacked, the stallions will risk their lives by forming the back line of defense, wildly kicking and biting. In a very large herd, the stallions will form a whole line of defense along the flanks of the herd as they run away. Both stallion and mare will kick up a storm and bite recklessly when hyena and lion attack their young.

According to Wikipedia, Burchell’s Zebra is a southern sub-species of the Plains Zebra, but according to my guide book, the Burchell’s have been renamed altogether as the Plains Zebra. So there seems to be a bit of confusion here.

A great source for reading more about the zebra is the Kruger National Park’s website.