Yakandonga Weekend | Night Photos


When we started planning our trip to Yakandonga, I decided to try out some night photos. Photographing the stars is something I’ve always wanted to do, but have struggled quite a bit with. I planned on reading and studying the topic before we went, but as luck would have it, we had no internet on the Friday before we left. I was thus left to my own devices.

I don’t think our photos of the fire came out too bad, but any advice on how you focus on stars while it is pitch black – please send them my way.

Yakandonga Weekend | Day photos


A few weekends ago we went out to Yakandonga for a birthday weekend. It was the first time I visited since a teen a high school so had no idea what to expect.

Yakandongo used to be a hunting farm, but has recently been sold to a cattle farmer. Since the guest chalets are still standing and in working order, they do allow visitors but do not advertise them as such. Since we were a rather big group, they also didn’t take any other bookings for the weekend, so we had the space for ourselves.

This isn’t a destination I would recommend to tourists, but for the Namibian family looking to break away from town on an affordable budget – this is a good option.


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