Yakandonga Weekend | Night Photos


When we started planning our trip to Yakandonga, I decided to try out some night photos. Photographing the stars is something I’ve always wanted to do, but have struggled quite a bit with. I planned on reading and studying the topic before we went, but as luck would have it, we had no internet on the Friday before we left. I was thus left to my own devices.

I don’t think our photos of the fire came out too bad, but any advice on how you focus on stars while it is pitch black – please send them my way.

Yakandonga Weekend | Day photos


A few weekends ago we went out to Yakandonga for a birthday weekend. It was the first time I visited since a teen a high school so had no idea what to expect.

Yakandongo used to be a hunting farm, but has recently been sold to a cattle farmer. Since the guest chalets are still standing and in working order, they do allow visitors but do not advertise them as such. Since we were a rather big group, they also didn’t take any other bookings for the weekend, so we had the space for ourselves.

This isn’t a destination I would recommend to tourists, but for the Namibian family looking to break away from town on an affordable budget – this is a good option.




Having had a late brunch on Saturday morning at Little Foot Nursery in Swakopmund, we decided to go to the beach as soon as Rocco opened his eyes after his afternoon nap. Dad and Cobus had spent the morning fishing at Vierkantklip just outside of Swakopmund and we were curious to see what they had achieved. Sadly, they had nothing to show. We introduced Mr. H to an endless sandpit and boy, did he have fun.

Below then, a few photos from our hour or two at the beach with Mr Handsome.

Travel Tuesday: Camping at Otjiwa

It seems to me that when you have a little critter in the house, one tends to visit the locations that one knows. And so when the husband and I decided, fairly last minute, that we wanted to go camping over the weekend, we called Otjiwa.

Besides the fact that they are close to Otjiwarongo (40km), there are a few other factors counting for them.

  • Abundant wildlife
  • Prolific bird life (the best dawn chorus I have ever experienced in Namibia)
  • Beautiful, clean and shaded campsites
  • Clean ablution blocks
  • Brilliant play area for the youngsters and beautiful pool
  • Affordability

Below a few photos from our weekend at Otjiwa. The eland and bird photos were taken from my pool chair!

emdt photography

Travelling with Infants

Almost four months since I last had a minute to blog… and here I am.

Having a little guy and travelling with a seriously gorgeous little man, is way more complicated than I ever anticipated. I’ll stick to the travelling part, though I can guarantee that you are about to learn more about being-a-mom in Namibia than you bargained for.

Christmas in Namibia is a hot affair. Literally that is. We don’t do warm Christmas lunches and hot puddings.. Neither do we understand terms like ‘White Christmas’, ‘Chestnuts roasting on a fire’, ‘Kissing under Mistletoe’, ‘Reindeer’ etc. Since it is so hot here, I planned on travelling very light for our week In Windhoek during Christmas. I mean, Mr Gorgeous (henceforth Mr G) is only 11 weeks old. His clothes are still tiny… how much space can he possibly take up?!

Imagine my surprise when I started packing and well, he had more luggage than we did! Since he is still so small, we have to pack his bathing ‘seat’ – a very handy gadget, but a space-eater, clothes for hot summer days and clothes for in-case-it-gets-cold, clothes for when we have accidents, lots and lots of nappies and burp cloths, and all the groceries that babies need… And let’s not forget his car seat & pram. Man, do they take up space? (Oh, how I miss my big old Pajero!)

Luckily, Grandpa & Grandma Windhoek has bought a bath for Mr G and has a camping cot, otherwise we would not have managed. Not even close…

But here comes the fun part, since we came for Christmas, it means that we received gifts… well, not hubby or I, but Mr G… he is loaded… how on earth did the grandparents and aunts think we are supposed to fit everything in? Returning home in the morning will require a lot of planning and a whole lot of cramming… no doubt about that!

And so I wish every parent on the road a rather belated Merry Christmas!


Mr Gorgeous

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