When it rains

A lot of people, when they visit Namibia, want to visit during the winter because of the cooler weather. But also because when they think wet season, they think European rain… weeks, days of endless down pouring. Grey, dim light and no sunshine. But in Namibia it doesn’t rain like that. We have one awesomeContinue reading “When it rains”

Sitting Target

Sea gulls have a way to annoy me. Just like certain humans don’t gel with me, sea gulls don’t gel with me. They can’t help it I suppose. Born loud and all over the show, robbers of the first degree and bullies to beat. That is how they survive, and that is the way itContinue reading “Sitting Target”

Sunrise over the Epupa Falls

This is another photo taken on the morning that I struggled to get enough contrast between the sky and rocks. So I started moving around hoping for the best. Here the sun just broke through the clouds as I closed in on the main Epupa Falls. ¬©Mariette du Toit, 2018 – Epupa Falls Hierdie isContinue reading “Sunrise over the Epupa Falls”