Dabbling in Street Photography

I have tried to make street photography part of my commercial work and website, but the two just doesn’t gel. So I’m going to try it here – and if it doesn’t work, I’ll just start (yet again) a new blog or Instagram account for it.

In the mean time…

Street photography is a genre that has always fascinated me. It was also the first form of photography that I practiced passionately as an adult and have dearly missed. Now, when I need inspiration or it feels like I’m at a dead end as an artist, it is the form that I return to.

As it is the end of the year, and drained doesn’t quite describe where I’m at, I have decided to dig into this genre again. So weekends will be all about street photography. Hope you enjoy my re-discovery and road into the depths of street photography. It is also the one genre that I have never felt comfortably with sharing and have no platform for, but here I am, testing the ground as I tread on unknown waters.

(Please note: These are not new photos taken recently – this is my way of re-discovering what I love and when I have enough courage, to head out into the streets with a new perspective and new view).