I wonder how much there is under the deep waters of the ocean that we have never seen or heard about? When I was a child, the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) fascinated me. Today I’m more interested in the lurking secrets of the ocean. What I wouldn’t give to have a peek at the undiscoveredContinue reading “Uitspoelsel”

To be able to Fly

As a child I often dreamed of being able to fly. Not with a drone or a plain, but like a bird. Quietly slicing through the air. Not in a mad dash like the song-bird, or heavy and unplanned like the pelican. More gracious and at ease like the eagle or even the swift. IContinue reading “To be able to Fly”

A Beak of Many Colours

It is not often that I get so close to a wild pelican that I am too close to get the whole bird into the frame. But in this case, I did not complain. Just look at the beautiful colours on this particular pelican. Walvisbay, Namibia on a boat cruise with Catamaran Charters. Dis nieContinue reading “A Beak of Many Colours”