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On the 7th May 2017, Henrico and 5 other gents, including my dad, went to Canon Roadhouse, close to the Fish River Canyon to start their 5 day hike.

I begged him to take a camera along. A tall order for any hiker trying to save on grams. But he did and over the next few weekends, I’ll share a bit of the beauty of the Fish River Canyon.

Most hikers will tell you the decent into the Fish River Canyon is the most difficult part of the hike. Personally, I suspect, this is because it is your last distinct memory you have, before everything else just melts into one big memory. In the canyon, time has no meaning besides the beginning and end of every day. Don’t get me wrong, the descent is enough to make any knee wobble. But the whole Fish River Hike is an experience to behold. And one, my husband seems convinced to relive as often as he can.

Here the five gents are descending into the canyon, and low and behold… catch fish on their first night for dinner!



Having had a late brunch on Saturday morning at Little Foot Nursery in Swakopmund, we decided to go to the beach as soon as Rocco opened his eyes after his afternoon nap. Dad and Cobus had spent the morning fishing at Vierkantklip just outside of Swakopmund and we were curious to see what they had achieved. Sadly, they had nothing to show. We introduced Mr. H to an endless sandpit and boy, did he have fun.

Below then, a few photos from our hour or two at the beach with Mr Handsome.

For the Love of Aquariums

Besides the aquarium in our house, I never miss the opportunity to visit one when offered the chance. Although the aquarium in Swakopmund is in dire need of tlc, it is still filled with fish.. therefore I have to visit it!

for the love of aquariums

Travel Tuesday: Camping at Otjiwa

It seems to me that when you have a little critter in the house, one tends to visit the locations that one knows. And so when the husband and I decided, fairly last minute, that we wanted to go camping over the weekend, we called Otjiwa.

Besides the fact that they are close to Otjiwarongo (40km), there are a few other factors counting for them.

  • Abundant wildlife
  • Prolific bird life (the best dawn chorus I have ever experienced in Namibia)
  • Beautiful, clean and shaded campsites
  • Clean ablution blocks
  • Brilliant play area for the youngsters and beautiful pool
  • Affordability

Below a few photos from our weekend at Otjiwa. The eland and bird photos were taken from my pool chair!

emdt photography

For The Love of Cake


A woman with a sweet tooth should avoid these… and yet… we just can’t.

Of all the different cakes for all the different seasons, I remain a chocolate cake fan.


My husband on the other hand, you can buy over to to the other side with a lemon meringue.

What is it that captures your taste buds?

The T-Pot


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