Love is to;

sit silently; listen.

Sometimes it just to sit.

Love is to look through black and white glasses,

only to see colour.

Love is to break down walls, move boundaries,

to fly over the unknown, together.


is sometimes just to be quiet.


©Mariette du Toit, 2018, Pelikane


Die liefde is soms om in stilte net te sit,

te luister. Of soms, om sommer net te sit.

Die liefde,

is om deur ‘n bril van wit en swart te kyk,

en kleur te sien.

Liefde is om mure af te breuk, grense te verskuif,

om saam oor die onbekend te vlieg.

Die liefde,

is soms net stil.


Sea gulls have a way to annoy me. Just like certain humans don’t gel with me, sea gulls don’t gel with me. They can’t help it I suppose. Born loud and all over the show, robbers of the first degree and bullies to beat. That is how they survive, and that is the way it always will be.

Generally I won’t even bother taking photos of them. But this gull, just sitting there, grabbed my attention and I took a quick snap shot of him. It turned out to be the one I pretty much-loved.

© Mariette du Toit, 2019, Sea Gulls at Walvis Bay

Ek hou nie see meeue nie. Hulle skaaf teen my grein soos ‘n korreltjie sand onder die oog se lid. Net soos seker mense onder my vel inklim, is see meeue ook net te veel vir my.

Hulle kan dit seker nie help nie. Van nature lawaaierig, die hele plek vol, boellies en bo-baas kos stelers. Dis hoe hulle oorleef. Dis hoe dit was en dit is hoe dit sal wees.

Maar hierdie een wat so eenkant, stil gesit het, het my oog gevang. Ek sal nie gewoonlik my tyd mors om hulle af te neem nie, maar hierdie foto is vinnig besig om een van my gunstelinge te word.


As a child I often dreamed of being able to fly. Not with a drone or a plain, but like a bird. Quietly slicing through the air. Not in a mad dash like the song-bird, or heavy and unplanned like the pelican. More gracious and at ease like the eagle or even the swift.

I think I would have liked it.

©Mariette du Toit, 2019, Walvisbay

Om te kan vlieg

As kind het ek dikwels gewonder hoe dit sou voel as ek sou kon vlieg. Nie vinnig en haastig soos ‘n mossie oppad na kos toe nie. Ook nie lomp en in almal se pad soos ‘n pelikaan nie. Eerder soos ‘n arend of ‘n swaeltjie wat so sweef-sweef oor ons gly. Hoe stil moet dit nie wees daarbo nie? Tyd om te dink en die lewe te bepeins…

Ek dink ek sou nogal daarvan kon hou.


Dabbling in Street Photography

I have tried to make street photography part of my commercial work and website, but the two just doesn’t gel. So I’m going to try it here – and if it doesn’t work, I’ll just start (yet again) a new blog or Instagram account for it.

In the mean time…

Street photography is a genre that has always fascinated me. It was also the first form of photography that I practiced passionately as an adult and have dearly missed. Now, when I need inspiration or it feels like I’m at a dead end as an artist, it is the form that I return to.

As it is the end of the year, and drained doesn’t quite describe where I’m at, I have decided to dig into this genre again. So weekends will be all about street photography. Hope you enjoy my re-discovery and road into the depths of street photography. It is also the one genre that I have never felt comfortably with sharing and have no platform for, but here I am, testing the ground as I tread on unknown waters.

(Please note: These are not new photos taken recently – this is my way of re-discovering what I love and when I have enough courage, to head out into the streets with a new perspective and new view).

Since the beginning of time, the amazing continent of Africa has been a continent of fire and ice, love and hatred, right or wrong… a fight for survival.

It is a continent of passion.

Of eruptions.

Of war.

But also one of hope. Of rain. Of peace. And of growth.

Africa, in all its diversity, to me, remains a continent of black or white. There is little yin yang here – you are either on the one side or the other. I have always preferred to showcase Africa in colour, but the older (wiser?) I get, the more and more I prefer black and white for my images too. Take away all the colour and you see the real side. The honest side. The hidden side.

Below a few images from a recent Kaokoland trip, to celebrate the continent of my birth, the country of my heart, Namibia.

Happy Africa Day!

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