Stripes in Black & White

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Heading for the waterhole – Black and White

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Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

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The Duster

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Reflections of a Herd

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Horton hears a Who


Sometimes the landscapes are just too wide, too much to take in in a single shot. Most of these panoramas consist of at least 30 photos. Sometimes more. And mostly I find, that even then I fall short on really capturing the honest beauty of Namibia.

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The Last Frontier

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I Dream of Gardens in the Dessert – Sting

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Down Below – Marienfluss

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Van Zyl’s Pass


Holy Mountain

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From Above – Marienfluss

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Purros Conservancy

Purros Conservancy – The (absent) elephant campsite

Upon arrival at our campsite I can see that an effort was made to make everything elephant proof. We are also warned that no food should be left out after dark – elephants may decide to come and visit. We are so desperate to see the elephants, that we leave out a bag of oranges…

The Campsite

There is nothing special about these campsites. Like the campsites at Van Zyl’s the trees are enormous and we are able to park all three our 4×4 vehicles under one tree. It was a long day and I decide to go shower – early so that I don’t miss the elephants. I shower in almost cold water, but today I don’t mind. I just want to be clean. Our dear Ida is not so fortunate. The moment she finished soaping – dry. Not a drop of water. We try to find someone to help – not a person in sight. Well at least she is soaped. That almost counts for clean. Ida doesn’t think so. We are without water until the next morning when we leave. Luckily all the vehicle are geared with extra water and we are able to do the necessities.

I’m too scared to wander into the dark here – what if I come across an elephant? So I stick close to camp. I stay up late – nothing. I barely sleep – nothing. These Purros elephants obviously don’t like oranges. Or they smelled the bad service before we did.


There are several private options in the area – I suggest one opts for these. I’m not sure I’ll support the Purros Conservancy again.


I had the priviledge of travelling with Africa de Sud Safaris on their Kaokoland Tour. Drop them a line to join them on a once in a lifetime adventure.

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Marble Camp


There were three camps on our Kaokoland Tour with Johan from Africa de Sud Safaris that I did not  know at all.  Marble Camp was one of them.

The Drive

The drive from Camp Syncro was a scenic one and took us to Rooi Drom where we had lunch. I must admit – having heard about Rooi Drom so much, I really did expect a tad more than just a Red Drum. Rooi Drom is a rather popular spot for travelers to have lunch and we had to share what little shade there was with a much bigger group from another company.

The rest of the drive was quite a change to what we drove in the morning. Leaving behind the incredible beauty of the Marienfluss we now entered the mountains.

Marble Campsite

As the name suggests, the area is rich in marble and there once was a marble mine here – the prospector must have been either blind or believed that modern-day trucks could do the same as a ox-wagon.

Marble Camp is a community campsite like Van Zyl’s Pass Campsite. With beautifully built (and quite creative) bathrooms, I expected the same standard as at Baobab Camp. Sadly, this was not the case.

We had campsite No.1 – right next to the bathrooms and with a lovely ancient Mopane to provide shade. Unfortunately the drainage system did not work very well and every time the wind came up we were shrouded in a smell that can only be home to a sewage container.  We also had no hot water and believe me – after a day out in the dust and heat, this is something that comes very high on the list of necessities. The housing of the “camp manager” was situated on the far side of our bathroom entrance and if I could understand Himba, I could probably tell you word-by-word what they were talking about. Luckily they left the premises around sunset.


All-in-all, this was probably my least favorite campsite of the whole tour. It has an incredible amount of potential as someone went to a lot of trouble to build the bathrooms and create something unique. Unfortunately,  I don’t think it will last a very long time.

The area is absolutely stunning though and made up for the not so great campsite. It also helped that we had the absolute best Bryan ever made in Africa right here at Marble Campsite made by our two “chefs” on tour – Paula & Darrelle.

To Book

Marble Community Campsite
Orupembe Area, Namibia
Phone: 65273257
Campsite: +264 (0)813454906

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Okonjima | A Spot of Wildlife


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