I wonder how much there is under the deep waters of the ocean that we have never seen or heard about? When I was a child, the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) fascinated me. Today I’m more interested in the lurking secrets of the ocean. What I wouldn’t give to have a peek at the undiscoveredContinue reading “Uitspoelsel”

Life in the Desert

I have to admit, it amazes me every single time that I find a tree growing out between rocks, or little stream emerging from the sand. But what amazes me the most is a plant that can grow in the dunes. Dunes? How on earth? It is a hostile environment to say the least, theContinue reading “Life in the Desert”

I’ve got your back

No story here. Just a photo of one of the most common animals in Etosha National Park grazing away. ¬©Mariette du Toit, 2018 Zebra in Etosha National Park Vandag is hier nie ‘n storie nie. Net twee sebras wat rustig eet aan gras in die Etosha Nationale Park… en hoewel dit die mees algemeenste dierContinue reading “I’ve got your back”