Shipwrecks The Namibian coast is famous for them and we as humans find them fascinating. Books are constantly written about them (both fact and fiction), movies are made about them (“Promise me you’ll survive. That you won’t give up, no matter what happens. No matter how hopeless.” —Jack)  and National Geographic constantly develops new technologyContinue reading “Shipwreck”

To be able to Fly

As a child I often dreamed of being able to fly. Not with a drone or a plain, but like a bird. Quietly slicing through the air. Not in a mad dash like the song-bird, or heavy and unplanned like the pelican. More gracious and at ease like the eagle or even the swift. IContinue reading “To be able to Fly”

A Snake in the Grass

My grandmother always warned us against the proverbial snake in the grass. This wasn’t a lighthearted warning. She was very serious about these snakes and made sure we too understood the dangers of it. As a little girl, I obviously had no inkling and kept searching for real snakes… until about two weeks ago. SupermanContinue reading “A Snake in the Grass”