Namibia as a Birding Destination

Birding locations are usually associated with thick forests like Brazil or wild coasts like you find along the coast of Isle of Skye. A semi-desert environment can’t really be all that great for birding, right?

Well, what do you know… when it rains in Namibia, the birds come to decorate our skies and trees. A true birders paradise and one of the best spots in Namibia besides the Caprivi Strip and the Epupa Falls is the Etosha National Park.

©Mariette du Toit, 2011, Eurasian bee-eater

Woestyne word nie regtig vir eenselwig met voëls nie. Woude soos in Brasilië of water ryke lande soos Indië is baie meer gewild onder die voël kykers. Maar as dit reën in hierdie woestyn dan versier die voëls ons horison en beblom ons doring bome.

Een van die beste voël kyk areas in Namibië naas die Caprivi en die Epupa valle, is dan Etosha Nasionale Park.

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