Namibia’s Baobabs


If you type in baobab on google, only Madagascar’s very tall and beautiful baobabs pop up. But what about Namibia’s baobabs? A lot of people don’t even know we have some spectacular specimens in northern Namibia.

It is with this thought in mind, that I decided to photograph a few around Epupa where I spend a few days last week. Although I love trees, I am by no means a specialist or even a proper tree photographer. But I did try to make these trees come to life so over the next few weeks you might find yourself in Namibia’s Baobab world, and I do hope, you enjoy them enough to come and visit my neck of the woods.

But first, what would a baobab post be without a quote from The Little Prince?

As each day passed I would learn, in our talk, something about the little prince’s planet, his departure from it, his journey. The information would come very slowly, as it might chance to fall from his thoughts. It was in this way that I heard, on the third day, about the catastrophe of the baobabs.

This time, once more, I had the sheep to thank for it. For the little prince asked me abruptly–as if seized by a grave doubt–“It is true, isn’t it, that sheep eat little bushes?”

“Yes, that is true.”

“Ah! I am glad!”

I did not understand why it was so important that sheep should eat little bushes. But the little prince added:

“Then it follows that they also eat baobabs?”

I pointed out to the little prince that baobabs were not little bushes, but, on the contrary, trees as big as castles; and that even if he took a whole herd of elephants away with him, the herd would not eat up one single baobab.

The idea of the herd of elephants made the little prince laugh.

“We would have to put them one on top of the other,” he said.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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