Namibia as a Wedding Destination | Part 2


When I started out with the idea of Namibia as a Wedding destination, I only considered the main options namely;

Namib Rand or Wolwedans – A Wedding in the dunes,

Etosha National Park – A Safari Wedding and

The Caprivi – A Boat Wedding.

But once I started thinking about it, I realised that this diverse country of ours, is too special to only consider 3 wedding locations. SÓ… to celebrate Namibia’s Independence Day, here is Part 2 to Namibia as a Wedding destination.

  1. Moonlandscape (Swakopmund area) – A Truly Unique Namibian Wedding
  2. Windhoek – A City Wedding
  3. Swakopmund – A Beach Wedding with German Flair

Namibia as Wedding Destination

We all know that Namibia is incredibly beautiful in its diversity. But imagine being able to photograph you, as a bride, at your most feminine with your hunk of a husband, in this incredibly vast landscape? You will not only have memories for a lifetime, you will have photos that your high-society friends will drool over!

  1. Moonlandscape (Swakopmund area) – A Truly Unique Namibian Wedding

Why one earth would you want to get married here? Because nowhere else is quite as ancient, as desolate… as just here. You can choose to have both the ceremony and the reception out here as it is not so far from Swakopmund, while guests can still drive back safely to Swakopmund. Or you can choose to only have the ceremony out on the moon landscape and have the reception in one of the many stylish venues in Swakopmund. What is not to like about that?

  1. Windhoek – A City Wedding

Though Windhoek is Namibia’s capital, it is still very much local. Whether you chose to have your ceremony in town in one of the beautiful chapels and your reception at Heja Lodge a mere 40km from the city center, or both ceremony and reception out at Okapuka Lodge, you will still have easy access to Windhoek. And don’t forget about the beautiful city center for your couple photos!

windhoek ; namibia
  1. Swakopmund – A Beach Wedding with German Flair

Like Windhoek, Swakopmund and surrounds offer an incredible choice in wedding venues. There are companies that cater for both ceremony and receptions on the beach, there is the magnificent Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment center for a train-station-themed wedding (how vintage?!), you can get married in one of the chapels in town and have your reception in the dunes and and and. The options are endless.

Still searching…?

Next week we’ll look at the last options in this series of articles.

  1. A Skeleton Coast/Kaokoland Elopement
  2. A Farm Wedding
  3. The deep South – Luderitz and Aus

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