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Plains (Burchell’s) Zebra – Equus buchelliii

Besides the unique African sunsets with a camel thorn somewhere in the distance, there are few other things as uniquely African as a herd of zebra running across the plains.

Naturally skittish, zebra will run without fail away from a waterhole after drinking. Their tendency to graze among wildebeest may or may not have something to do with lions preferring wildebeest as prey. Others reckon it is because the zebra prefer the longer grasses while wildebeest like following in their wake as they prefer the shorter shoots. Whatever the truth, wildebeest and zebra are very often found together.

When attacked, the stallions will risk their lives by forming the back line of defense, wildly kicking and biting. In a very large herd, the stallions will form a whole line of defense along the flanks of the herd as they run away. Both stallion and mare will kick up a storm and bite recklessly when hyena and lion attack their young.

According to Wikipedia, Burchell’s Zebra is a southern sub-species of the Plains Zebra, but according to my guide book, the Burchell’s have been renamed altogether as the Plains Zebra. So there seems to be a bit of confusion here.

A great source for reading more about the zebra is the Kruger National Park’s website.





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