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It is often joked that Namibia only has two seasons – summer and winter. Living here you would realise that this is no joke. Our summers stretch from September to middle May from where we would have a brief and wonderful break from the heat. If you really want to, you can call this period autumn with winter really being three cold days in June.

Travelling Advice

But you are travelling to Namibia in July/August and would like to know what to pack. Layers. Early mornings can be very chilly – especially down south; Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei and the mountains surrounding Windhoek. For these close to freezing-point temperatures you would obviously need a proper jumper or jacket and long trousers. You would need these again tonight as the sun sets. But from around 10am in the morning to about 4pm, you will be just fine in your trousers and either a short sleeve shirt or a longer cotton shirt. When the wind is blowing, the temperatures tend to fall, and one tends to keep that jumper close by.

Up north the temperatures don’t fall as much during the night and it certainly doesn’t fluctuate as much. In the far north (Etosha and everything north of it), one might even feel the need to wear shorts during the day.

Along the coast the temperatures will be vastly different from anywhere else. Here it is either really cold – all day long (the wet air brings a natural chill) or the really hot (when the east berg winds blow).

5 Essentials during winter travelling

  • Always have bottled water. Although the water is mostly save to drink at places, not everyone’s stomachs enjoy the differences in water quality.
  • Sunscreen. Especially at the coast where the sky is thinner, and you burn without realising it.
  • A proper jumper or jacket with either a hoodie or a beanie – especially for those early morning activities.
  • A canister for a coffee/tea on the road. Nothing like a cuppa under a camelthorn in the middle of nowhere. (Stanley Mugs and Canisters work best!)
  • Hay fever tablets. Come winter, people develop allergies that they did not know they had. Be prepared.


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