Hoada Campsite

We spent the second last night of our Kaokoland Tour at Hoada Campsite, the third campsite on our tour that I did not know at all.  (The others were Ombaluntu Tree Campsite and Marble Campsite).

Due to some unforeseen incidents we arrived in the dark at Hoada Campsite. When one arrives in the dark at one’s own home without electricity – it is not such a big deal because you know from experience where everything is. But when you have to put up camp in the dark in an unfamiliar place… well, that’s not so easy. However, after not too long, our camp was standing and the rush to get food on the fire was started.

I headed for the showers – no use in trying to find a spot here to take photos from… it was too dark and way too unfamiliar for my liking. Hoada Campsite is located on a granite hill and though there are a number of sites, one would not easily be bothered by other campers unless they were exceptionally rowdy.

Our shower would have been perfect if it had a door. When one camps in a group, a bathroom and toilet door is sort of, well, necessary. The shower was located within a boulder and though I think the location is ingenious, I would have preferred to use my towel for drying and not as a door. The toilet, I discovered the next morning, had the most incredible views – which again meant – no door. This ensured for a number of creative tactics to keep other bathroom users at bay.


I would highly recommend Hoada for a weekend breakaway – but do make sure you take enough shade with as boulders only tend to throw shade when the sun is behind them. I would have loved to take a swim here as they certainly made a point of developing the pool and bar area! Great job guys.  The campsites and bathrooms were spotless and perfect if not for the need of doors.

All-in-all a great stop for whoever needs to take a break; whether it is from a long trek or from city life.

To Book

A private campsite with a direct website: Hoada campsite. Hoada is part of Journeys Namibia.

Bookings can be made at: +264 61 228-104 or on email hoada@journeysnamibia.com


I had the privilege of travelling with Africa de Sud Safaris on their Kaokoland Tour. Drop them a line to join them on a once in a lifetime adventure.

Need new photos of your property or for a new website?

Or would you like a photographer on your tour?

Contact me and let’s see how I can help.


I am a Canon girl and I buy all my equipment from ORMS in Cape Town. But what would a girl be without a STANLEY mug? After this tour where I could compare mugs, I am sure mine is the best there is! Get yours at CYMOT, Namibia.

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