Palmwag Lodge and Campsite

It was a day that at times just would not end.

The day started at Khowarib with a bang..  wheel nuts that rocked itself loose the previous day left us with a three-wheeler just as we left the campsite. Lesson learned – always check the nuts before leaving the campsite.

Khowarib Schluct proved as beautiful as the Hoanib. If it had water, it probably would have been more beautiful (my humble opinion). After the schluct, we entered a world of rocks or like Johan (Africa de Sud Safaris) fondly calls this area – the rock factory. I would love to know what God thought when He created this area… probably something like this… “So earth, I have a few rocks left, where would you like it? Oh yes, let’s arrange it here and call it Kaokoland.” I have never, like in never seen so many rocks. Neither did I ever think it possible to converse over such a rocky landscape. But we did. And by the end of it, we were all kind of over the whole rock-thing. We felt like tar when just two days ago, “tar” was still a curse word.

We arrived at Palmwag well in time to set up camp and head over to the bar and pool.  You remember that cold pool we encountered at Kunene River Lodge.  Well this one, the Palmwag pool is an ice bucket in comparison to any other pool I have jumped in. Not that I dared jumping into this one. No one climbed out of looking quite the same – I wasn’t prepared to take a risk and enjoyed my G&T from the safety of a bar stool.

Palmwag Lodge & Campsite is also a private entity and we loved it. The campsites are far apart, which ensures privacy. We had the furthest one away from the lodge, right on the edge of the lodge and it felt like we were back in the wild. The showers were clean, well-structured and had hot and cold water to spare.

To top it all, Palmwag has warnings everywhere about wandering elephants. Again we put our hopes up on our sleeves as we prayed for elephants to walk through our campsite. We either did not pray hard enough or the now full-grown lions in our party, scared the elephants away.

Palmwag is a big place and though I don’t know how many campsites there are (ours were quite secluded) I reckon that it is the biggest place where we camped besides Halali. But unlike Halali, we never really felt crowded due to an excellent layout. Thumbs up to the team at Palmwag.


Would I recommend it? Yes. And if you have the extra cash and this is your last night in Kaokoland before you head back to civilization, treat yourself to an upgrade and sleep in one of their tents.

Where to book

Palwamg Lodge & Campsite: Palmwag Lodge.Com


I had the privilege of travelling with Africa de Sud Safaris on their Kaokoland Tour. Drop them a line to join them on a once in a lifetime adventure.

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