Khowarib Lodge and Campsite


We tried to leave Purros fairly early as Johan, our guide on the Kaokoland Tour of Africa de Sud Safaris warned us of a very long day ahead.

The Purros Gorge in the Hoanib river is one of the undiscovered natural wonders of Namibia. We came across big herds of desert elephants in the dry river beds with tourists wildly following and chasing them for photos. It is in cases like this that I too want to “privatise” this area – to avoid people like this entering the wild on their own. But this is a debate for a whole different post.

After a long day in what I think must be one of the most beautiful places in Namibia, we arrived at Khowarib just as the sun was setting. This was the first private camp in a while that we camped at and the difference was (unfortunately) quite obvious.

Too tired and too dark to really appreciate the area, I headed for the showers. Steaming hot water streamed from the tap. Water pressure was also good, so I figured it was save to get all soapy and clean. I showered without any hassles – in light. The first time in a while that I could actually see the shower that I showered in!

For August, the campsite was rather quiet and we did not complain as this meant an overall quiet night. After a good night’s rest I got up fairly early and headed for a small hill just east of the campsite. Upon arriving at the top, I discovered a small river running just behind the lodge. I guess that the small man made falls can make quite a noise when the river is full and would make for a lovely spot to cool down in.


The campsites do not provide a lot of shade, so this is not the type of campsite I would recommend staying for more than one night. I think the sun might just turn one into biltong. But for one night only this is a very safe choice.

I have heard a lot about Warmquelle (Bradt Guides) and would love to have visited them on this route, but unfortunately this was not part of the itinerary although this also sounds like a good alternative.

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Khowarib Lodge


I had the privilege of travelling with Africa de Sud Safaris on their Kaokoland Tour. Drop them a line to join them on a once in a lifetime adventure.

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