Ombalantu Baobab Tree Heritage Campsite



Ombalantu Baobab Tree Heritage Campsite

A mouthful for a larger than life baobab tree. And what a tree!!

I must admit, I was rather skeptical about this campsite in the middle of endless townships, but believe me, this one is worth the night if you have a too long drive from say Namutoni to Ruacana.

The Ombalantu Baobab Tree Heritage Campsite is situated in Outapi at an incredibly huge baobab. This baobab isn’t just big, it is also surrounded with history. Once an army base camp it has now been converted into a little church. Looking up into the tree I found an aloe. How on earth?! My only guess is that once when the tree was smaller, a little aloe grew by its side and when the baobab grew to be a giant, the little aloe became an air traveler? I have no real explanation…

The campsite itself is very well-kept and clean. The showers and toilets were all in good working order with hot water – not that one would ever need hot water in Outapi! And lo and behold, it was quiet.. in the midst of the townships, it was quiet. Hard to believe, but true.

A few features available:

Electricity point in Campsite

Firewood available to have a braai.

Signal is great here for WI-fi, but no free WI-fi available.

6 Campsites in total if I remember correctly – all around the base of one magnificent tree.

All in all, a great campsite in not such a great location.

I had the privilege of travelling with Africa de Sud Safaris on the Kaokoland Tour.

Where to book the campsite – not really sure, but you can try this link: Ombalantu Baobab Tree Camp

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