Halali Rest Camp | central Etosha National Park



I have never been a big fan of either Halali or Namutoni rest camps and this visit just sealed it for me. I cannot make any comments on the chalets and restaurant as I only camped – so these are the facilities I will focus on.

As with all three Etosha National Park rest camps, Halali has no lawn and the trees are hopeless when it comes to providing shade. August in Etosha is a nightmare, but more so the campsites. Where Okaukuejo has a serious jackal problem, Halali has a local badger. I did not find him (her) a threat, but the poor Dutch group who left all their cereals out on their camping table for the next morning, probably did not share my sentiments.

There is no rule that says it has to be quiet after 10pm and the big bus groups get up at 4am to start with breakfast and break-up camp. So for the light sleeper, this is a no-go.

The pool, surprisingly, was very clean and full. Compared to the very dry pool we found the previous day at Okaukuejo… (Who has a dry pool in August?!) The little shop was very well stocked but oh! so! expensive! The showers and bathroom was very clean, good running water and the water super hot. No complaints here.

If you really want to camp – I suggest you head for Onguma Bush Camp on the Namutoni side or Etosha Safari Camp (Gondwana) on the Okaukuejo side. “But we want to sit by the waterhole at night and we can only do that inside the park.” True, but then go for Okaukuejo. The two nights that we were at Halali we saw… two rhinos and the local badger. Honest truth. The wildlife around Okaukuejo and Namutoni is also much better than around Halali – don’t ask me why, it just is.

We’ll be visiting Etosha Safari Camp in a fortnight, so keep a look out for the update on their camping facilities.

I had the privilege of travelling with Africa de Sud Safaris in August 2017 on their Kaokoland Tour. Visit their website for more information.

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