Love on the Rocks


I have recently discovered, that I am much more of a night owl than I previously convinced myself to be. In the long hours of the night, I find myself very much awake and actually enjoying the night sounds. It is when I can only hear the rhythmic breaths of my three dogs and one cat, that I really focus. These hours are the only windows of opportunity that I have for writing and editing the numerous folders of photos that I have been neglecting for so long. I have thus started to BLOG again. Admittedly, not much, but it is a work in progress. Actual writing time is scarce and so I tend to post more visual memories than written ones.

A few weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime – to go on a tour with a tour guide – with the sole purpose of taking photos for their company. It is then, that I truly realised how out of touch I have become with my first and biggest love – nature and wildlife photography. It pushed me to dig deep into my archives and start searching for photos that I could market. During this search, I discovered a series of photos I took in September 2015 – untouched until now.

It is with great excitement that I present to you my very first photo for sale:


Love on the Rocks © 2015, Mariette du Toit

It is a compilation of 10 photos I took early one morning while hubby and then, baby #mrhandsome was still fast asleep back at Epupa Falls Lodge.

Why Love on the Rocks?

Because my heart beats wild for this piece of earth. As simple as that.

The photo can be enlarged to 1800 x 390 or even bigger if you wish.

So… if anyone is interested in buying this photo, whether in its file format (for marketing purposes) or in print / canvas, please let me know.

Please feel free to pass onto anyone that might be interested.

I thank you for your support!

Published by Mariette du Toit

Namibian born and raised, I am the owner Mariette du Toit Photography - where I share photos of the beautiful people I capture in my unique Namibian documentary style and Travelling Namibia where I share travelling tips with travellers across the globe through reviews on the lodges and campsites that I visit.

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