Travelling Tuesday: Grootfontein

I used to spend at least 3 – 5 Saturdays a year in this dusty little place during my school years. As a rather active kid, I used to play field hockey. Now on field-hockey-in-Namibia I can write a whole blog piece, but for now, let’s focus on the travelling part.

Grootfontein is about two – three hours north of Otjiwarongo. When I was in the primary grades, my parents used to take me to the sport events themselves. But when I got older, I either traveled with other parents or I traveled with the school bus. As we don’t have public transport in Namibia, a bus ride was always cause for huge excitement. I can’t exactly remember why as the rides took twice as long as with a car and you had to share the bus with boys that just got off the rugby field that either reeked of adolescence or of the newest BRUT or similar.

The long and the short is, Grootfontein is not a holiday destination and you either pass through it without stopping or you search for the local SPAR and head out. (My apologies to everyone living in Grootfontein – Otjiwarongo is just about the same!) So the last time prior to the photos below, was when I just finished studying and I started cycling. The Grootfontein SPAR hosted a cycling competition and I decided that the area is flat enough, I’m going to try it. What I didn’t take into account is that due to the flatness, any sort of wind has the ability to make a cyclist’s ride rather uncomfortable and well, seem like uphill all 65 kilometers of it. So to no one’s surprise, I avoided Grootfontein for years to come.

Last year, my in-laws decided to travel from Windhoek to Grootfontein to celebrate Grandma R’s birthday with her and pick us up on their way there. And so it is, that after years of not being to Grootfontein, I had the privilege to see that the town looked more or less exactly the same as a decade ago with the exception of the appearance of Chinese Shops in midtown.

I took a few photos at the place where we had a family lunch, and decided that I would share two of them with you as part of Travelling Tuesday!


Grootfontein Tree


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