Project: Desert Lion Conservation

The Desert Lion Conservation project is one that I have been following for quite some time. Not only is it located in Kaokoland, Dr Philip Stander is quite an interesting character. Devoting his life to the last true desert lions of Namibia, Dr Stander has become quite a well known figure in conservation and has played a fundamental role in protecting these majestic creatures. Although his focus is to save Namibia’s desert lions, his presence in the greater Cunene Region has helped to protect our rhino and desert adapted elephants.

The recent release of The Vanishing Kings has highlighted Dr Standers conservation efforts and shown the amazing work of the Desert Lion Conservation team as a whole. Wherever you are in the world, getting to see this movie is a must see.

For more information on the Desert Lion Conservation – Click Here.



Vanishing Kings Trailer from interspot on Vimeo.


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