African Grey Hornbill

Grey Hornbill – Tockus nasutus

Hornbills – what more can I say? They are all entertaining and have so much character. From Zazu in The Lion King to the one that frequents Okaukuejo Waterhole in Etosha. Once you see one, you are unlikely to forget it. They just have it all.

The Grey Hornbill, as the name suggests, is a bit duller in colour than his mates. But that doesn’t mean they lack in character.

Weighing in at 155 grams and having a total length of approx. 46cm, they also form part of the smaller hornbills. With their funeral colours they are unlikely to be confused with any of the other hornbills. (Maybe that is too their advantage?)

They are locally (Namibian) common and can be found in any sort of woodland – Mopane & Acacia woodland here in Namibia. They feed on insects, small animals and seeds.

Unlike their more colourful friends, they have a high-pitched call not easily associated with hornbills.

Like other hornbills, they female seals herself in a natural tree cavity or rock crevice when it comes to breeding time.

African Grey Hornbill


Source: Robert’s Bird Guide, 2007

Photo: Copyright

Published by Mariette du Toit

Namibian born and raised, I am the owner Mariette du Toit Photography - where I share photos of the beautiful people I capture in my unique Namibian documentary style and Travelling Namibia where I share travelling tips with travellers across the globe through reviews on the lodges and campsites that I visit.

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