Cape Sparrow

Cape Sparrow – Passer melanurus

Probably the most common bird in Namibia. They are just about everywhere and are big risk takers. Ask any lodge owner – they are a real threat to any breakfast table.

Although they are not endemic, they are very common and near-endemic.

Naturally, the Cape Sparrow prefers arid and semi-arid woodland, both in suburban and rural areas. But what bird would stay in the bush if it can scavenge the droppings of humans? (School grounds and any household with toddlers provide excellent food sources!)

In the wild they eat seeds, insects, fruit, plant material and nectar. But those that I have watched at the lodges, don’t mind a bit of yogurt and salami.

They are usually monogamous – now what that means I have no idea… maybe usually, as in like humans? They build their nests in shrubs, trees, any cavity, pipe or man-made structure…  (They usually build their nests on a quiet veranda while the home owner is peacefully on holiday..

These little sparrows can be a pest, but generally, they have good characters and are quite entertaining.

Cape Sparrow

Source: My trusty Roberts Bird Guide, 2007

Photo: Copyright

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