Gondwana Project

Though Namibia has a lot of conservation projects, the people of Namibia are often also in dire need of help or assistance. The north of Namibia where it is more populated often receives more international aid. In the south of Namibia, where it is sparsely populated due to the desert environment, villages are fewer and much further away from each other. It is here that the Gondwana Collection is actively working among the people and doing their best to improve the living situation of those around them.

Here is a an update on one of their projects and one that can definitely do with some help:

Winter is fast approaching in this part of the world and it is really cold in the south of Namibia!!!   To keep the little ones warm, Ms Cynthia Kahiha from the Kalahari Farmhouse, has organised a stew with some vegetables and thanks to Gondwana Collection, a buttered brotchen was also added to the meal. We paid a surprise visit to the children of the Soetdoringlaagte crèche and they enjoyed it very much !

The plot where they hope to build a stronger structure for the children
Stew and brotchens (buns) for the children of Soetdoring Creche
Stew and brotchens (buns) for the children of Soetdoring Creche
The inside of the creche
Stew and brotchens (buns) for the children of Soetdoring Creche
Stew and brotchens (buns) for the children of Soetdoring Creche
The Creche at Soetdoring Laagte
A lot of happy children!


We then paid a visit to the ELCRN Hostel in the Stampriet settlement. The hostel is run by the church and it hosts about 45 kids at the moment. The children – aged between 6 and 14 years old – are mostly going to the Nama Primary School in the Soetdoring settlement. The children also stay on weekends and only go home during long weekends and school holidays.

We met with Ms Amalia Jacobs, the hostel Matron and Mina. They were very kind to take us to one of the rooms so we could see what bedding was needed.  We have visited the hostel some time last year and were very pleased to see that the ladies there were doing an excellent job in looking after the hostel and the children.

Thanks to the newly appointed manager at Kalahari Anib Lodge, Ms Daniella Schmalzriedt – all the kids will receive linen to sleep on rather than sleeping on the bare mattress. We thank her for her great support on this project. We will be visiting the hostel some time next week to deliver the linen – so more pictures to follow..

However, the Gondwana memes need some help. As you can see on the pictures, the mattresses are very old and thin. For those living in Namibia, if you have single-bed mattresses (of a good condition) – we would really like to help the kids further and provide the hostel with better mattresses and blankets! Not all the kids have blankets!

Please share this with your friends and if you have any mattresses or blankets that we can use, please contact dginiv@iway.na  so we can arrange for collection and delivery.

If you would like to assist in any other way, please contact myself, emdt.photography@gmail.com and I will direct you the right person at Gondwana to assist.


The beds in the hostel….
Some of the children are ok with bedding, but most are not so lucky…




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