Waterberg Day Trip

One of the advantages of living on the “platteland” (countryside) is that one doesn’t have to drive particularly far to get into the bush. I might not be the biggest fan of my hometown, but Otjiwarongo has this one big advantage. Waterberg National Park is no more than 90 minutes away while Etosha National Park is about 3 hours away. We are surrounded with private guest farms and lodges and with a little bit of effort, one can make a quick break from the madness of daily routines.

On the 30th December 2013, this is exactly what Henrico and I decided to do. We’ve been to Waterberg countless time, but for a quick breakaway, there were few places as good as this.

2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip
A Dry Riverbed on our way to Waterberg
2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip_1
After the first rains, everything is green!
2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip_2
One of the most beautiful trees in the area! (And there are many!)
2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip_3
Do we really have to climb it? Again?!
2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip_4
At the top of the paved road is a swimming pool… Henrico had all his days to convince me to walk on!
2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip_5
Dapper Stapper… the man even carried my camera bag!
2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip_6
Waterberg has plants that I have never seen before…
2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip_7
The most patient man in the world….
2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip_8
No easy road up this mountain.
2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip_9
It’s time to rest!
2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip_10
The reason why I climb this mountain! Every time!
2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip_12
We heard them before we saw them…
2013_12_30 Waterberg Day Trip_13
Almost back at camp…. almost….

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Namibian born and raised, I am the owner Mariette du Toit Photography - where I share photos of the beautiful people I capture in my unique Namibian documentary style and Travelling Namibia where I share travelling tips with travellers across the globe through reviews on the lodges and campsites that I visit.

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